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What is the company's sick leave policy?

How do I create a folder in Outlook?

I'd like to reserve the tenth floor conference room.

Are your employees working the old-fashioned way? For example, calling other departments to get information. Or digging through manuals. There's a better way.

Information that currently requires a call to HR or to the Help Desk can be put on an intranet. That makes it faster and easier for employees to get the information they need.  It also frees up your HR people and your IT people to focus on more important work.

Of course, it's not just your HR and IT departments that can put information online. All departments' interaction with employees can be streamlined. That saves time and money.

You can even use your intranet to help you interact with customers. For example, customer service reps can use the intranet to quickly access information that they need while on the phone.

We have many years of intranet development and security experience. Please contact us to let us show you how easy it can be.